All regular time is billed in 15 minute increments. If we work for 20 minutes on a task, you will be billed for 30 minutes of our time. If we work for two minutes on a task, you will be billed for 15 minutes.
Critical requests, however, are billed in 30 minute increments.

The Basics

All Active Hosting Customers

  • Design
  • Development
    • $65/hour
    • $125/hour (critical requests: we guarantee to work on these within 72 hours)
  • Text changes
  • Simple graphic changes (like cropping and resizing).
    We will always take SEO into consideration when working with graphics, pages, and posts.

    • $30/hour
    • $65/hour (critical requests: we guarantee to work on these within 72 hours)

$80/hour for all work, including simple text and graphic work.

The Fine Print

We work hard to provide a cost effective solution for small businesses and their website needs. Sometimes our reasons for billing may seem a little complex and not straight forward, especially when many of our customers are not tech savvy. We understand that most of you are not in the business of building or running websites. Your passion lies elsewhere with whatever business you’re running. That is why we are here. We also aim to respect those of you with a knack for doing it yourself when it comes to your website. We try to honor both perspectives here. Please contact us if you have any trouble understanding the information on this page. We would be happy to clarify.
Please understand that if a customer uses every single one of the free services below to the fullest allowable extent, we will essentially lose money on your hosting account, which we would prefer not to do. We anticipate that each customer will have need for assistance in some areas below, but not in others. That’s why we offer such a vast number of support services at no additional cost. However, if you have a small work force requiring on-going support with email configuration, and such, we would recommend hiring a technical support company to meet this need.


This we do not bill for

Email migration to Host Pond

  • Up to three mailboxes migrated. Up to five total mailboxes/aliases setup (two without migrating mailbox content)
  • Up to three users and five devices walk through setting up email client software such as Outlook, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird. Within the first 60 days of sign-up and migration.

Email support post migration

  • Create up to two mailboxes/aliases per year at no additional cost.
  • Walk through email client setup for up to two client devices per year (subject to scheduling of proper support technician).

The reason these limits exist is that we are not in the business of providing IT support. We provide the hosting service, but it is up to the customer to handle the IT on their end. Though it is understandable that to begin with, customers may not know how to set things up, and we provide these limited services to get them going. The ultimate goal is to teach the customer how to self service themselves.

This we bill for

Email Migration and Support

Email migration and configuration beyond what is listed to the left or above. if a small business has more than one or two employees, then they need to consider hiring an IT support resource to assist them with managing their computers. There are local companies available to provide these services, such as the following.

Beyond the free support listed to the left or above, we can provide basic email box setup (cPanel portion of the work) at the $30 per hour rate. For assisting with setting up email clients (customer PC/Mac related support) beyond the limits set to the left, we will charge the $65 (or $40) per hour rate for setting up customers email clients. We charge the higher rate, even though sometimes the process is not super technical, because we are not in the business of providing IT support, which this falls under. Often times we must establish a remote desktop connection to assist the customer, and this costs time and money that is not part of the monthly hosting service that we charge for.

Website Migration

This we do not bill for

One full website and up to two databases migrated at no cost. We regularly migrate WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other types of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) based websties, including custom built websites using these technologies. We also migrate straight HTML websites without databases.

Some customers we’ve found have sub-folders where additional WordPress or other CMS instances are installed with their own database. These types of configurations are interpreted as a separate and additional website requiring migration because of the work involved in migrating the database for each instance, even if by front end appearances it appears to be a single website.

This we bill for

Each additional website migration beyond the first website is billed at the $65 (or $40) per hour rate, unless specifically stated to the customer that we will not bill for the additional migration.

Occasionally, for simple WordPress or HTML based websites we will not charge for the migration of up to two additional websites. This is on a case by case basis and must be cleared by the person in charge of migrating prior to agreeing to do so for a customer for free. Please note that extra migrations can take advantage of the two free hours offered to business hosting customers.

WordPress install walk-through

This we do not bill for

Directing our customers to our FAQ on how to install WordPress onto a domain name or website. Providing free classes at least once per month, but usually every other week on how to install, setup, and configure WordPress using the tools available at Host Pond.

This we bill for

Beyond what is listed to the left or above, WordPress installs and walk-throughs are billed at the $30 per hour rate.


This we do not bill for

Customers will receive free advice and direction up to two times in the first year of service if they are trying to figure out how to perform very specific tasks within WordPress. This free advice is limited to the plugins and themes that we are intimately familiar with. If it requires research on our part to find an answer, we will charge for the advice. This does not mean we will do the task for the customer. Only that we will tell them what plugin they might check out and where to find further information about the plugin. Additionally, if the customers has many questions about a particular plugin, or specific questions about how to do something with a particular plugin, the customer will be advised to make an appointment, or pay for the time required to answer all of the questions. Free advice or suggestions on plugins should not exceed 5 or 10 minutes at the absolute most.

Examples : 1) Setting up a shopping cart. 2) Setting up a Contact Form. 3) Setup a subscription or email list. 4) Install a photo gallery.

This we bill for

Anytime the advice exceeds what is mentioned to the left or above, the customer will be advised that they will need to make an appointment to speak with a developer, and that the time will be billable time. Time is billed at the $65 (or $40) per hour rate. It is the same rate we would bill if we did the work for the customer ourselves, as it requires the same developer to be involved in the conversation as if they were doing the work themselves.

Basic WordPress Page, Post Creation & Edits

This we do not bill for

Customers will always be directed to an FAQ on how to create or edit WordPress content on their website. If a customer has trouble with the FAQ, they will be directed to signup for one our free WordPress classes that are conducted at least once a month, but usually occur every other week.

This we bill for

Beyond what is listed to the left or above, these services are offered at the $30 per hour rate for one on one sessions. Additionally, we will simply perform these sort of maintenance tasks for the customer at the $30 per hour rate if the customer does not with to deal with this routine maintenance work.

Direction to Documentation about Plugins

This we do not bill for

We will always attempt to locate documentation and support websites for customers who need help with a particular plugin.

Occasionally we may offer free training classes on specific plugins, such as WooCommerce. Customers may be directed to these free classes as an option if they require assistance.

This we bill for If a customer requires us to learn and teach them how to do something with a particular plugin, we will charge the $65 (or $40) per hour rate for this service.