How do I increase my upload file size for my WordPress site?

Perhaps you’ve attempted to upload a very large file (a video or very long audio file, for instance) and ran into a message notifying you that the file was too large to be uploaded, listing the file size requirements? This is a precautionary step put in place to prevent hackers from uploading very large files to your site, as a site typically wouldn’t host file sizes any larger than those file size limits. But perhaps you actually do need to upload a very large file, and thus need to increase the file size limits, but aren’t sure how to go about doing so? We can help you increase the file size limits with the following steps.

CAUTION: Please do not increase the file size limits by too much else that vulnerability can be utilized by hackers.



  • Open your web browser and go to the Host Pond website at 
  • Once there, click on “Account Login” tab.




  • Log in using the email address with which you’d signed up for Host Pond servies–ttis is the same email address at which you receive your monthly Host Pond invoices.
  • If you do not recall your billing system password, you can use the “Request a Password Reset” link at the bottom of the page.




  • Click on “Services” from the main navigation menu, then select “My Services.”
  • Click on the “Active” button next to the hosting package you’d like to access.




  • Click the “Login to cPanel” link.




  • Scroll down until you find the “Files” section and then click on the “File Manager” icon.




  • Navigate to within the “public_html” folder.
    • We are going to create a new file in this folder with the file name “php.ini” but perhaps you already have a custom php.ini file? If this is the case, select your existing php.ini file and click the “Code Editor” icon and then skip to STEP NINE and simply add that new code to your existing php.ini file.
  • Click the “+ File” icon.




  • For “New File Name” enter “php.ini” (without the quotes).
  • Click the “Create New File” button.




  • Your new file should appear within the “public_html” folder–select it and then click the “Code Editor” icon.




  • Copy/paste this code into your new php.ini file:
    • post_max_size = 25M
      upload_max_filesize = 25M
      • NOTE: while you can change the “25M” to any size you want, it is not recommended to go higher than 35M as the larger the number the more opportunity it gives hackers to cause problems for your site.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button.




  • Now we will want to create a php.ini file with that exact same code within the wp-admin folder.


You will now be able to upload even larger files.