Host Pond Web Hosting rejects investments in fossil fuels and abuses against indigenous people

water is life nodapl

Today I have setup a new bank account with a local credit union, with the intention of migrating both my personal and business accounts to them.

I have been a happy and loyal customer of Bank of the West for 12 years now. And while I’ve been tempted to switch from them for years, I have been nervous about changing what is not broken for me, personally.

However, in light of the fact that Bank of the West’s parent company BNP Paribas is contributing to the Dakota Access Pipeline through loans and lines of credit totaling more than $444 million U.S. dollars, I believe the time to switch has arrived.

NODAPL banks investing in the pipeline

For further information about the graph above, please have a look at Food and Water Watch.

I’ve watched as peaceful protesters have been shot with rubber bullets, sprayed with pepper spray, and attack dogs allowed to bite them. All of this in the name of protecting the investments of corporations for the continued use of fossil fuels and exploitation of the planets resources.

As I have a choice and a voice, Host Pond and I will not be contributing to these things through my action or inaction anymore.

The time has come to put every ounce of our investment into renewable energy and reject with absolute clarity the further development and use of non-renewable energy.

Discontinuing my relationship of 12 years with my bank is not a comfortable or easy change, but it is the right thing to do. I hope that you will join me in migrating your accounts from any of the above listed commercial banks to a community bank or credit union that serves its members.

Richard Powell
Host Pond Web Hosting