Featured Customer Website: Zanna Bella Salon

Feature Portland Website - Zanna Bella Salon
SITE: zannabellasalon.com (No Longer Active)
WHAT WE DID FOR THE CLIENT: Her website navigation was not functioning properly on mobile devices at all. We migrated her WordPress into a responsive theme, mostly keeping the aesthetic look of the desktop version of her website in tact, while making the site navigation work on mobile devices, and also displaying the content in a more mobile friendly way.
FROM THE WEBSITE: Professional Skin Care Therapist – Certified Aesthetician – Nail Technician

I am the kind of lady that finishes painting my nails and hopes they are dry before grabbing a shovel! And I do mean that literally. I like to be getting the job done and having the best skin and nails I can have while doing it. I find myself on the go and almost always busy. If I’m not in the throes of a project, I am learning something new. I will be the first to admit that there is a plethora of things that I don’t know… but I do a really good of job finding out who does.