Featured Customer Website: Both Sides Construction

SITE: bothsidesconstruction.com
WHAT WE DID FOR THE CLIENT: Both Sides Construction came to us with an existing website that was not mobile friendly. They asked us to take the existing website and make it display more readable on mobile devices. Here you can see what we took from the desktop version of the website and how we modified it for display on a mobile device.
ABOUT THE CLIENT: Both Sides Construction has been helping Portland area homeowners with their new construction and remodeling needs for nearly 30 years.

We have consistently remained a small local builder over the years, focused on strong customer service. The building industry has changed with economic pressures and industry consolidations, but we have never wanted to be the biggest – just our very best. Staying true to our core values of quality, honesty and integrity, has helped Both Sides Construction survive the economic ups and downs since 1985.