How do I create a sandbox site?

Perhaps you have a site built in WordPress that you’d like to potentially make some major (or even minor) changes to without it being seen by anyone until you’re done, but you’re not sure how to go about it? We recommend setting up a “sandbox site,” which is a copy of your actual site so that you can play around with it without those changes being seen by anyone until you’re ready.



  • First you’ll want to create a “subdomain” for this “sandbox site” to live on. To create a subdomain, follow these instructions.




  • Now you’ll want to import your current live site into Installatron so that we can use it later to clone that site and install that copy onto your subdomain. To import your current live site into Installatron, follow these instructions.



  • Next, you’ll want to backup your current live site in case any mistakes are made to the existing site. You can do so by following these instructions.


  • Now you can import that backup to your new subdomain to create your “sandbox.” To do so, you can follow these instructions, however, once you reach STEP EIGHT in that FAQ, choose instead to “Restore to new location,” and then choose your subdomain instead of your primary domain.


Now you can get to work tinkering around with the “sandbox site.”
Once you’re happy with your changes and ready for the public to see them, you can clone that sandbox version over to your main site, but first we recommend that you once again create a backup of your current live site, again by following these instructions.


  • Now that you’ve backed-up your current live site, you’ll need to remove it so that you can import the cloned version of your “sandbox site” to your main site, as simply overwriting the old version with the new version could cause complications. To remove the current version, locate it Installatron and then select the checkmark box next to it and click the “Uninstall” button.



You’re done!