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Megan Ferrell: Web Designer and Developer – Portland, Oregon

NamMegan Ferrell Host Pond's in-house website developer in Portland, Oregone: Megan Ferrell

Association: Employee

Expertise: Website Design, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), HTML, CSS


Description: Megan has been a valued partner with Host Pond Web Hosting since March 2013. I call her a partner instead of an employee because she thinks like a partner. She doesn’t just blindly work on a project without contemplating the value of what she’s working on. While she will certainly do what you ask when it comes to your website, she will often ask the deeper questions to figure out if what you’re asking for is actually going to accomplish the goal that you’re seeking. She is quick to offer alternative, more cost effective ideas to accomplish the end result our customers are ultimately looking for whenever they may be appropriate.


Megan is also a partner over at 45th Parallel Web Design –, and also at Websites 503 (