Our Commitment to the Environment

Host Pond is committed to protecting the environment in every way possible.

In November 2016, we switched from a commercial bank that invests in fossil fuels to a community credit union that invests in its local members and the community.

In 2010, we reduced our energy consumption by 40%.  We did this through virtualization technology, and also by purchasing newer, more energy-efficient hardware.  Some of our technology includes Dell, Intel, Cisco, and Netgear hardware.  All of our hardware is Energy Star compliant.

Your website and the Internet are 24×7 services.  Customers demand that your site is up and running anytime they want to access it.  For this reason, servers, routers, and networks must draw power from the grid non-stop.  How is a company to minimize or reduce their energy usage under such intense requirements?

There are many answers to this question.  One of the most important things that Host Pond does to reduce its energy usage is to monitor every single system’s power consumption in real-time.  By consistently evaluating a systems performance vs. its productivity, we can better configure our systems to maximize their performance.  By configuring processors and memory to be shared across virtual systems, we not only increase the reliability of our services,  but we also ensure that processors and memory are not sitting idle, consuming precious power without performing critical tasks.

Host Pond's Commitment to the Environment