Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Portland, Oregon

seoHost Pond offers several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our customers. We offer a few basic SEO services at very affordable rates because we want your business and website to succeed. You’ll notice the non-hosting-customer price is much higher. You could easily expect to pay that amount for these SEO services.

All new business hosting customers receive two free hours of technical support and website work. Your two hours is not used up during the migration process, as migration is also included. Once your site is up and running with Host Pond, you can use those two hours toward these SEO services.



Service Description / Impact Hours Non Hosting Customer Rate
Business Hosting Customer Rate (if under the 10 hours @ $40/hr per year rate)
Detailed Analysis (Step One)
The first step in optimizing your website is research. Research your desired keywords, research your competition, research the effectiveness of your website.

During this phase, we will sit down with you in person or setup a conference call. This initial meeting will last for approximately 1 hour. During this meeting we will setup a few accounts (like Google Analytic’s and webmaster tools) to begin collecting information on your website traffic. After this meeting, Host Pond will take another hour to research the likely effectiveness of your proposed keywords based on how saturated the market is for your products or services. We may propose moving forward with your keywords, or we may suggest some alternatives for reaching a customer base for your website and/or service. Ultimately, we will proceed with the keywords you decide upon.

2 $160 $80
Basic SEO (Step Two)
Basic SEO for your WordPress or other CMS-based website. This includes incorporating your desired keywords into all the web pages of your website. In particular, into the Title, Description, and Keywords area of all your web pages.

This is one of the most important first steps. It will enable search engines, such as, to determine what your website and web pages are about. Without these basic settings, your website has little hope of being listed properly in any of the search engines.

1 $80 $40
Image Naming/Tagging (Step Three)
Renaming and describing your images.

The images on your website are another way that search engines determine what your website is about. Improperly named/titled images can hurt your ranking. This cost is based on naming/renaming up to 10 images on your website.

1 $80 $40
Permalinks and URL fixing (Step Four)
Internal links naming. We will go through up to 25 of your primary internal website links/pages and alter their URL/address so that your keywords are reflected throughout your website.

Having search-engine-friendly page addresses that contain your keywords is important so that search engines can get a better idea of what the individual pages on your website are about. This is helpful for having secondary keywords and key phrases that can be targeted on a single page of your website.

1 $80 $40
Links and Listings (Step Five)
Links and Listings. We will add your business to three of the most important directories in terms of increasing your visibility to the search engines. This includes,, and

Having external links pointing to your website from 3rd party websites is one of the best ways to increase your rankings in the search engines. At Host Pond, we have had reasonable success when adding company profiles to the three websites listed here. We have also found that, by creating a webmaster tools account and adding Google Analytics code to your website, changes made to your website are more rapidly visible on

2 $160 $80